Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Christmas night treat #4

Sorry that I haven't been around much to write so  here I am  now! Back to the story.
" I must of been sleep walking", stammered Jade.
"I don't think so young lady", said her mother
"Jades in trouble" shouted Stefani.Jade scowled at her sister and told her Mum that all she wanted was to see Santa.
" Rubbish Jade you know Santa isn't real"
"But he is ahhhh you don't understand!" Jade ran up the stairs and locked her self in her room. Jade picked up her barbies but she was still angry. Jade got a piece of paper and a pen and started writing a letter to Santa.

Monday, August 8, 2011

In my parents day. Part 1

Hey there this is my speech for this years speech competition enjoy!!!
Hey there didn't see you there I was playing on my mobile phone did you know in 1966 in other words in my parents day there was no such thing as cellphones until the 1980's?
If you even had a T.V it wouldn't be in colour oh no it would be in black'n white. Up until 1970's people still had
black and white T.V. Then in 1973 channel 2 came out with colour yippee.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls my name is Ashleigh and my speech is about in my parents day.
The 1980's sure were an inventive decade! Cellphones were released and so were laptops a.k.a  PC ( Personal Computers.) Finally something good around here!
Talking about the 80's lets go back a decade and enter the 70's. The first digital watch was produced in the 70's by Hamilton Watch Co of Pennsylvania.
The millennium has passed along with a couple year no introducing 2008.Ipods were invented in 2007 but released in 2008!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poor poor me!

Guess what happened to me today you'll never guess what happened!
I was having a streak of good luck when . . . I was scootering  down a hill I was going quite fast so when  I put  my foot on  the brakes they didn't work so I stepped  off the scooter HUGE MISTAKE!
Because I so used to going down the big hill and I was still holding onto the scooter the scooter kinda pulled me with it I blacked  out for like two seconds. When I woke up I was crying and crying my friend Kahlan was their with me and she gave me some tissues. A guy pulled over and he asked if I was alright I said "yes" but he still came out of his car he had a doctor I.D card on his shirt.
He felt around around on my legs and arms for a broken bone luckily I don't have one phew!

Hugh (the doctor) asked my where I lived I told him and he went off looking for my Mum. A couple of minutes later Hugh and Mum arrived Mum took me home and now a look like a giant walking plaster!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Christmas night treat #3

Jade rubbed her eyes again she couldn't believe what she just saw cool! " Jade is that you down their?" Jades mother whispered. Jade heard her mum coming down the stairs so Jade pretended to be asleep. Jades mum saw  Jade lying on the floor so her mum picked her up and put her on her bed. In the morning Jade overslept so when she woke up the time on her alarm clock said 8:30. Jade slipped on some clothes and rushed downstairs. When Stefani saw Jade coming down the stairs she said quite angrily "about time I want to open my prezzies."
" Fine bossy pants but you'll never guess what I saw last night."
" About that why did I find you sleeping in the lounge last night?" asked Jades Mum.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Christmas night treat #2

Jade was now looking at the footage on the camera there was a blur actually lots of them then a face appeared the camera turned off.
"Jade your friend Alice is on the phone" shouted Jades mum.
" Coming" Jade yelled back to her Mum back. One year later Jade was 7 and Stefani was 17 it was Christmas time again Jade remembering what happened last year when everyone was asleep she camped out on the couch hoping to see Santa. Jade fell asleep but a couple of hours later Jade heard footsteps so Jade opened one eye then the other now she could see Santa he was chanting a spell over the fireplace and whoosh he disappeared up the chimney.

The Christmas night treat #1

I hope you liked 4 cats and a witch now I'm introducing you to The Christmas night treat enjoy!
" Mum mum Santa's coming to OUR house TONIGHT yay!" shouted 6 year old Jade.
" Calm down Jade" Jades mother said quietly " if you don't get to bed now Jade Santa won't be coming"
"Yeah Jade Santa won't be coming said Jades older sister Stefani. " He'll leave me all of your presents so get to bed now scram. So Jade scurried upstairs into her bedroom.
" That was mean of you Stef  Jade still believes in Santa you know that."
" Well she deserved it she used my make-up and now it's a mess."
" Get to bed Stef" As Stefani walked upstairs Jade walked downstairs put up a spy camera and walked quietly upstairs. " Wake up wake up it's Christmas mum Stefani WAKE-UP"
As Jade ran downstairs she came to a halt  and she picked up her camera chucked it on the couch and started opening her presents.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4 cats and a witch. #2

The witch and her cats caused great trouble in the fairy kingdom. The witch stole fairies powers and by the next day or so fairytopia was abandoned.But one fairy warrior didn't give up for he knew the witch had good inside of her so he worked hard on a spell. The next day the witch was complaining that she only had 363 black cats she needed 7 more black cats to complete her collection so the fairy warrior gave her 7 more cats hoping that kindness would change her heart it didn't. But little did she know that the fairy warrior had cast a spell on the cats to  make her be nice and considerate. It worked and fairytopia was up and running again like normal.

4 cats and a witch. #1

Once upon a time in the time of fairies and witches life was good and happy until a ginormas earthquake hit fairytopia. Fairies flew frantically to their fairy homes and good witches ran to their caves. A gush of red smoke rose from the ground and four cats and a witched emerged.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Brook's party!

Dear Diary.
Today I am going to my friends party I am leaving at 3 and gonna come back tomorrow at 3 it is gonna be awesome!!!
Any way found her the perfect gift  . . . white bubbly chocolate and $20 it is so appropriate for her!
Yay leaving in 40 minutes!
I want to show you this song do you like it I know I do!
Goodbye diary.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tell me something I don't know

Dear diary look what I found on youtube
Goodbye diary

I hate being sick do you?

Day two of my new blog.
Hi I'm back again and  I am really sick! I have been spewing and spewing what's wrong with me?
But I'm living the life here at home my mum's at work and my dad's here at home but he's sick and me and my brother who has got chickenpox have practically got the house to ourselves sweet!
My mattress is in the lounge I'm snuggled up by the fire my cat is on the mattress and I'm cuddled up to all my teddies. Sometimes I love being sick but sometimes I don't.
Goodbye diary. Do you like my puss Loopy?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new website

 Still day one of my new blog wow 3 blogs in one day! If you want to see more of Ashleigh's diaries just go onto my website
Now about me: I was born in Auckland and raised in Tauranga. I have 2 pets Eve (dog) and Loopy (cat).
I have written 2 books none of them published. I live in New Zealand and love New Zealand I take French and
I sing whenever I get the chance. I sing in the shower in my bedroom in the bathroom the choir and in front of my family though I'm not a good dancer as I would like 2 b!
Have you got anything u would like 2 share? If so just post a comment remember
Goodbye Diary


Still day one of my new blog.
My BFF just called her kitten Zabba went out on Friday night he came back all happy and jumped into his bed when he rolled over Leah noticed on his belly was a scar and it was bleeding. So Leah rapped it up with a bandage. On Saturday Leah took Zabba to the vet no use Zabba wouldn't come out of his pet carrier I hope he's alright though.
Goodbye Diary 

My New Blog

Day one of my new blog. Hi my name is Ashleigh I am ten years old and have one big sis and one little bro. 
I am fascinated by books and want 2 b a writer some day. My favourite authors r Terry Deary , Jacqueline Wilson and Ronald Dahl. I read books all the time and start a new book b4 I finish another! Some people might call me a bookworm but I don't always read books! I am a very good speller and passed my spelling tests.
Goodbye Diary.