Friday, June 24, 2011

Brook's party!

Dear Diary.
Today I am going to my friends party I am leaving at 3 and gonna come back tomorrow at 3 it is gonna be awesome!!!
Any way found her the perfect gift  . . . white bubbly chocolate and $20 it is so appropriate for her!
Yay leaving in 40 minutes!
I want to show you this song do you like it I know I do!
Goodbye diary.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tell me something I don't know

Dear diary look what I found on youtube
Goodbye diary

I hate being sick do you?

Day two of my new blog.
Hi I'm back again and  I am really sick! I have been spewing and spewing what's wrong with me?
But I'm living the life here at home my mum's at work and my dad's here at home but he's sick and me and my brother who has got chickenpox have practically got the house to ourselves sweet!
My mattress is in the lounge I'm snuggled up by the fire my cat is on the mattress and I'm cuddled up to all my teddies. Sometimes I love being sick but sometimes I don't.
Goodbye diary. Do you like my puss Loopy?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My new website

 Still day one of my new blog wow 3 blogs in one day! If you want to see more of Ashleigh's diaries just go onto my website
Now about me: I was born in Auckland and raised in Tauranga. I have 2 pets Eve (dog) and Loopy (cat).
I have written 2 books none of them published. I live in New Zealand and love New Zealand I take French and
I sing whenever I get the chance. I sing in the shower in my bedroom in the bathroom the choir and in front of my family though I'm not a good dancer as I would like 2 b!
Have you got anything u would like 2 share? If so just post a comment remember
Goodbye Diary


Still day one of my new blog.
My BFF just called her kitten Zabba went out on Friday night he came back all happy and jumped into his bed when he rolled over Leah noticed on his belly was a scar and it was bleeding. So Leah rapped it up with a bandage. On Saturday Leah took Zabba to the vet no use Zabba wouldn't come out of his pet carrier I hope he's alright though.
Goodbye Diary 

My New Blog

Day one of my new blog. Hi my name is Ashleigh I am ten years old and have one big sis and one little bro. 
I am fascinated by books and want 2 b a writer some day. My favourite authors r Terry Deary , Jacqueline Wilson and Ronald Dahl. I read books all the time and start a new book b4 I finish another! Some people might call me a bookworm but I don't always read books! I am a very good speller and passed my spelling tests.
Goodbye Diary.