Monday, August 8, 2011

In my parents day. Part 1

Hey there this is my speech for this years speech competition enjoy!!!
Hey there didn't see you there I was playing on my mobile phone did you know in 1966 in other words in my parents day there was no such thing as cellphones until the 1980's?
If you even had a T.V it wouldn't be in colour oh no it would be in black'n white. Up until 1970's people still had
black and white T.V. Then in 1973 channel 2 came out with colour yippee.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls my name is Ashleigh and my speech is about in my parents day.
The 1980's sure were an inventive decade! Cellphones were released and so were laptops a.k.a  PC ( Personal Computers.) Finally something good around here!
Talking about the 80's lets go back a decade and enter the 70's. The first digital watch was produced in the 70's by Hamilton Watch Co of Pennsylvania.
The millennium has passed along with a couple year no introducing 2008.Ipods were invented in 2007 but released in 2008!