Sunday, April 29, 2012

A city girl in Texas.#5

" Oh, hi Emma," mumbled Sophie. Emma's mum came to see who it was.
" Hi Sophie do come in, this is Emma, she goes to your school, do you know each other?" Asked Mrs Watson.
" You could say that," muttered Emma.
" Oh sorry Mrs Watson, I'm about to have tea now," said Sophie quietly.
" Really?" Asked Mrs Watson " At 4.00pm?"
" Well yeah, then we have more time for riding our horses," explained Sophie.
" O.K then bye Sophie!" Said Emma's mum.
" Bye Emma, see you tomorrow," yelled Sophie.
Emma wondered, why was Sophie so nice? Then Emma realised that it was because her mum was there, nothing special! Or was it!

A city girl in Texas.#4.

Mrs Howard

" Sophie, you are not the princess Cinderella!" Stammered Mrs Howard. " You are the servant Cinderella do I make myself clear?"
"Y yes Mrs Howard" Sophie said.
" Sophie, I am sending you to the principles office, don't come back until you truly know you are sorry!"
Hannah nudged Emma " Wow Em nothing this exciting has happened since, well never!"
" I wouldn't call it exciting Han," replied Emma.
As Sophie walked away Emma suddenly noticed that the dress was exactly like her mothers wedding dress!
After school Emma ran home and asked her mother if her theory was true. "Mum," asked Emma
" Whats up?" replied her mother.
" Well I was wondering if I could see your wedding dresss?"
" Oh, I rented it out to a nice little girl, Sophie I think her name was," said Mrs Watson. " Why do you ask?"
Emma Watson
" Oh, never mind" Suddenly the door bell rang, " I'll get it," shouted Emma...............

Mrs Watson

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A city girl in Texas. #3.

 The next day they wore what their famous person wore. Hannah wore a baggy, blue top and skinny jeans. Emma wore a long frilly, yellow dress. Diana wore a long, velvet,blue dress. And Sophie wore Old jeans and a old old t- shirt. " Now class when I call out your name on the roll I want you to stand up and say who you will be for the week." Ordered Mrs Howard. The names went by so quickly. " Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson..... Finally it was Emma's turn " I'm the Queen and Sophie is my servant as well as Diana's!"
Sophie as Cinderella.
The class began to gasp because at the door Sophie came out of the toilet wearing a long long, white, frilly dress. With roses in her hair and white, pointy shoes. " Sophie, you are a servant NOT the Queen!" Yelled Mrs Howard. " Well Cinderella was a servant then she turned into a princess and I'm the princess Cinderella!" Exclaimed Sophie.


Hi next Wednesday I'm going on a school camp, for 2 nights and 3 days! I'm in a cabin with all of my friends and I'm hoping to be on a top bunk! We have  pretty tight schedule but that is o.k because we will have loads of fun! My favourite thing is the Canadian slide, if you don't know what that is well you go down a slide and up a flick thing and go whoosh into a lake! I also look forward to go carting and some archery. We are also going eeling and having a camp concert!

A city girl in Texas. #2

" SOPHIE, PENELOPE TO MY DESK THIS INSTANT!" Yelled Mrs Howard. As Sophie and Penelope awkwardly shuffled to the teachers desk Emma and Hannah laughed their heads off. " Penelope you are not going to participate in this English activity instead you are going to study about how the Victorian people lived." Frowned Mrs Howard. " Also, Sophie, who are you going to be?"
" Miley Cyrus," replied Sophie.
" No, you are going as the Queens servant."
Diana Whyte
Emma grinned, know she could really boss Sophie around! " Is anyone going to be the Queen?" Asked Mrs Howard. Emma and another girl, Diana put up their hands. Emma smiled, Emma liked Diana. Diana was Sophie's twin sister but Diana was nice, not like Sophie! " Yay, we can both boss around Sophie," laughed Diana!

A city girl in Texas. #1.

Sophie Whyte
Hannah McLine
Emma Watson
This is a story about Emma Watson, a girl from New York City. Her Dad got a job in Texas so guess where they were moving! At school in New York Emma was sooo popular, but not any more. Sophie Whyte was. Emma was a medium height girl with flowing blonde hair and sea green eyes. While Sophie was a tall girl with short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Emma's only friend was Hannah McLine a short girl with amber red hair and green eyes. " Oh look it's the city girl," laughed Sophie. " Ignore her Em," said Hannah " She's just jealous because you've been to London and The big apple before."
" Yeah, your'e right Hannah." Replied Emma. Later in class their teacher Mrs Howard announced that " today for english you will have to live the life of somebody famous for one whole week." That is why Emma loved Mrs Howard, she was a really cool teacher! Emma already knew who she was going to be, the Queen,so she could boss Sophie around. " I'm going as Katy Perry, Em, who are you going as?" Asked Hannah.
"I'm going as the Queen of England so I can boss Sophie around!"
" I'm going has Katy Perry," said one of Sophies cronies. Her name was Penelope, she had short, spiky, black hair brown eyes and she was sooo short! " I'm going as Katy Perry," whined Hannah.
" Oh really," glared Sophie.
" Yeah, I'm going as Katy Perry, not you, you stole my idea!" Argued Hannah.
" Well maybe I did and maybe I didn't, anyway you can't prove it," smiled Penelope.
" Oh yes we can," Emma said after she took the tape recorder hidden inside her desk. " And, soon Mrs Howard will know as well!"

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Christmas Night Treat #5

Jade's letter said.
Dear Santa.
This Christmas I saw you put my presents under the tree. I know you are real, but my sister, Stefani doesn't believe How can I convince Stefani that you are real?
Love Jade!
Suddenly there was a knock at the door " Sorry Jade," apologised Stefani " Santa is real, I've seen him as well." Jade opened the door.
" Really?" Asked Jade.
"Yip, he chanted something and slid up the chimmney." Replied Stefani.
"Thanks Santa you made my sister believe again!" Whispered Jade.