Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Christmas night treat #1

I hope you liked 4 cats and a witch now I'm introducing you to The Christmas night treat enjoy!
" Mum mum Santa's coming to OUR house TONIGHT yay!" shouted 6 year old Jade.
" Calm down Jade" Jades mother said quietly " if you don't get to bed now Jade Santa won't be coming"
"Yeah Jade Santa won't be coming said Jades older sister Stefani. " He'll leave me all of your presents so get to bed now scram. So Jade scurried upstairs into her bedroom.
" That was mean of you Stef  Jade still believes in Santa you know that."
" Well she deserved it she used my make-up and now it's a mess."
" Get to bed Stef" As Stefani walked upstairs Jade walked downstairs put up a spy camera and walked quietly upstairs. " Wake up wake up it's Christmas mum Stefani WAKE-UP"
As Jade ran downstairs she came to a halt  and she picked up her camera chucked it on the couch and started opening her presents.

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