Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poor poor me!

Guess what happened to me today you'll never guess what happened!
I was having a streak of good luck when . . . I was scootering  down a hill I was going quite fast so when  I put  my foot on  the brakes they didn't work so I stepped  off the scooter HUGE MISTAKE!
Because I so used to going down the big hill and I was still holding onto the scooter the scooter kinda pulled me with it I blacked  out for like two seconds. When I woke up I was crying and crying my friend Kahlan was their with me and she gave me some tissues. A guy pulled over and he asked if I was alright I said "yes" but he still came out of his car he had a doctor I.D card on his shirt.
He felt around around on my legs and arms for a broken bone luckily I don't have one phew!

Hugh (the doctor) asked my where I lived I told him and he went off looking for my Mum. A couple of minutes later Hugh and Mum arrived Mum took me home and now a look like a giant walking plaster!

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