Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Christmas night treat #3

Jade rubbed her eyes again she couldn't believe what she just saw cool! " Jade is that you down their?" Jades mother whispered. Jade heard her mum coming down the stairs so Jade pretended to be asleep. Jades mum saw  Jade lying on the floor so her mum picked her up and put her on her bed. In the morning Jade overslept so when she woke up the time on her alarm clock said 8:30. Jade slipped on some clothes and rushed downstairs. When Stefani saw Jade coming down the stairs she said quite angrily "about time I want to open my prezzies."
" Fine bossy pants but you'll never guess what I saw last night."
" About that why did I find you sleeping in the lounge last night?" asked Jades Mum.

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