Saturday, April 28, 2012

A city girl in Texas. #3.

 The next day they wore what their famous person wore. Hannah wore a baggy, blue top and skinny jeans. Emma wore a long frilly, yellow dress. Diana wore a long, velvet,blue dress. And Sophie wore Old jeans and a old old t- shirt. " Now class when I call out your name on the roll I want you to stand up and say who you will be for the week." Ordered Mrs Howard. The names went by so quickly. " Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson..... Finally it was Emma's turn " I'm the Queen and Sophie is my servant as well as Diana's!"
Sophie as Cinderella.
The class began to gasp because at the door Sophie came out of the toilet wearing a long long, white, frilly dress. With roses in her hair and white, pointy shoes. " Sophie, you are a servant NOT the Queen!" Yelled Mrs Howard. " Well Cinderella was a servant then she turned into a princess and I'm the princess Cinderella!" Exclaimed Sophie.

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