Saturday, April 28, 2012

A city girl in Texas. #2

" SOPHIE, PENELOPE TO MY DESK THIS INSTANT!" Yelled Mrs Howard. As Sophie and Penelope awkwardly shuffled to the teachers desk Emma and Hannah laughed their heads off. " Penelope you are not going to participate in this English activity instead you are going to study about how the Victorian people lived." Frowned Mrs Howard. " Also, Sophie, who are you going to be?"
" Miley Cyrus," replied Sophie.
" No, you are going as the Queens servant."
Diana Whyte
Emma grinned, know she could really boss Sophie around! " Is anyone going to be the Queen?" Asked Mrs Howard. Emma and another girl, Diana put up their hands. Emma smiled, Emma liked Diana. Diana was Sophie's twin sister but Diana was nice, not like Sophie! " Yay, we can both boss around Sophie," laughed Diana!

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