Saturday, April 28, 2012

A city girl in Texas. #1.

Sophie Whyte
Hannah McLine
Emma Watson
This is a story about Emma Watson, a girl from New York City. Her Dad got a job in Texas so guess where they were moving! At school in New York Emma was sooo popular, but not any more. Sophie Whyte was. Emma was a medium height girl with flowing blonde hair and sea green eyes. While Sophie was a tall girl with short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Emma's only friend was Hannah McLine a short girl with amber red hair and green eyes. " Oh look it's the city girl," laughed Sophie. " Ignore her Em," said Hannah " She's just jealous because you've been to London and The big apple before."
" Yeah, your'e right Hannah." Replied Emma. Later in class their teacher Mrs Howard announced that " today for english you will have to live the life of somebody famous for one whole week." That is why Emma loved Mrs Howard, she was a really cool teacher! Emma already knew who she was going to be, the Queen,so she could boss Sophie around. " I'm going as Katy Perry, Em, who are you going as?" Asked Hannah.
"I'm going as the Queen of England so I can boss Sophie around!"
" I'm going has Katy Perry," said one of Sophies cronies. Her name was Penelope, she had short, spiky, black hair brown eyes and she was sooo short! " I'm going as Katy Perry," whined Hannah.
" Oh really," glared Sophie.
" Yeah, I'm going as Katy Perry, not you, you stole my idea!" Argued Hannah.
" Well maybe I did and maybe I didn't, anyway you can't prove it," smiled Penelope.
" Oh yes we can," Emma said after she took the tape recorder hidden inside her desk. " And, soon Mrs Howard will know as well!"

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