Sunday, April 29, 2012

A city girl in Texas.#4.

Mrs Howard

" Sophie, you are not the princess Cinderella!" Stammered Mrs Howard. " You are the servant Cinderella do I make myself clear?"
"Y yes Mrs Howard" Sophie said.
" Sophie, I am sending you to the principles office, don't come back until you truly know you are sorry!"
Hannah nudged Emma " Wow Em nothing this exciting has happened since, well never!"
" I wouldn't call it exciting Han," replied Emma.
As Sophie walked away Emma suddenly noticed that the dress was exactly like her mothers wedding dress!
After school Emma ran home and asked her mother if her theory was true. "Mum," asked Emma
" Whats up?" replied her mother.
" Well I was wondering if I could see your wedding dresss?"
" Oh, I rented it out to a nice little girl, Sophie I think her name was," said Mrs Watson. " Why do you ask?"
Emma Watson
" Oh, never mind" Suddenly the door bell rang, " I'll get it," shouted Emma...............

Mrs Watson

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